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Branding your business can either be simple or complex.  If you’re frustrated with growing your business and constantly ask yourself “Is there is an easier way?” The Answer is Yes!

The information below provides a 3 Step Process to Growing Your Business.  

Growing Your Business in 3 Steps

Step 1: Brand Seedling

Your Business is Your Seed, Water It!

The conceptual stage of each business goes through the SEEDLING STAGE.  IF YOU DON’T WATER YOUR BUSINESS SEEDLING, IT WILL NEVER SPROUT!

Businesses during this stage go through a very important aspect of business planning by determining:

  • How do I determine the look & design of my business?  The Answer is Research!  Research the style and product displays of other successful businesses within your field.

  • Is my logo important?  It all depends on the line of business.  If you own a boutique then you may want your logo sexy and sophisticated. Do your research on other businesses. 

The truth is most businesses fail during this stage because it’s sometimes hard for future business owners to determine the look and feel of the business.  If you’re seeking help or need advice on branding your business contact us 678.632.6833 or fill out the contact form.

Step 2: Business Sprout

Watch Your Seed Grow!

Congratulations Your Business has Sprouted!  Continue to Water Your Business so it will Mature in Growth!

Now that you business growth is within a steady pace, you may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • Does my website stand out? If you have website or a storefront make sure that you’re displaying the right message to your clients and potential clients with the right design.  Make sure you’re using the correct colors to convey the right message.

  • Is my logo equal to my brand?  Your logo in most cases unless you own distribution center is key to your business.  You don’t want to have a bulky fun logo and you own an elegant boutique.  Make sure your business logo defines the brand you create.  

  • When I should start marketing my business?  The best time to market your business is when you’re comfortable with marketing your business.  If you need customers or already have customers there are so many ways to get your business generating more revenue.  Most people are advertising on Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Bing. If you unsure on how to properly market online you should seek professional consultation or do some research.

Step 3: Brand Growth

Congratulations Your Business has Grown Into a Beautiful Plant! 

Keep Your Business Growing by Continuing to Water it with Marketing!

So now you have a Logo, Website/ Ecommerce Store / Storefront, and you’ve gotten family and friends on board.

So now what?  How do I keep my company competitive?

  • Try Marketing your business Door to Door or send out messages to friends on Social Media.

  • Get Jay’s Designs to create your business a customized commercial for TV or social media.

  • Make sure your advertising your business on various websites and blogs.

  • If your business doesn’t have the right look, you may have to re-brand your business.

  • Get Jay’s Designs to create tangible product displays or virtual products.

Branding Services

“Every Step to Business Isn’t Always Complicated.”

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Website Design | Product Design | Commercial Editing

Website Design

Building a Website that Can Stand the Storm.

Is Your Website Functional?

There’s tons of cookie cutter websites on the web that lack important features & functionality.  If you have a store online, you may have experienced some issues with lack of options for organizing product variations, shipping limitations, gathering emails, placing single products on sale, etc..

mock2The Downside of Pre-Built, Bargain Based Websites. 

It is close to impossible to purchase a bargain based website that fits every businesses need without having a  experienced developer to tweak the website to your specification.  As business owner you should also be aware that some platforms disallow the ability to make edits within the code.  This can be frustrating if you have spent several hours designing the website yourself and adding content.

For website consultation contact us at 678.632.6833 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

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Product Design

Building a Website that Withstand the Storm.

Creating a Product Design that’s Versatile in Today’s Market. 

fold-uploadIf an owner of a Web Store Chances are You’re in Competition with Millions of Other Businesses Selling a Similar Products.  Standing out from the competition can sometimes be a real challenge.  The key is finding the best product design and finding the best platform to promote your product. Sometimes you may need to choose an expert to work on your business rather than wasting time doing it yourself.

Jays Designs specializes in creating a online product display that’s customized for your business purpose.  Small businesses waste thousands of dollars each year on campaigns targeting customers, but lose the money because of terrible product display. Invest your money wisely and pick a branding team you can trust.

For consultation, contact us at 678.632.6833 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be happy to speak with you.

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Commercial Marketing

Every Business is Different So Choose Your Commercial Wisely

If you’re a business owner that looking to create a commercial for your business it can be a hard and tedious process.  Commercials can sometimes be expensive and if most business owners don’t have the budget they usually give up on the idea.  The key to finding the right commercial for your business is important and may save you tons of money.


Types of Commercials:

  • Logo Intros (Affordable Price Commercial Video Editing  created mostly for Video Bloggers.)
  • Voice Over Commercials (Affordable Priced Commercial Video Editing depending on length and content) Are you a business offers products or services? Voice over commercials may be the correct choice.  Only requirements of this choice is a great editor and voice over person.
  • Social Media Commercials (Affordable Priced Commercial Advertising Editing.) If your business lives and dies for social media then this may be the right option.  You can keep subscribers up to date between video blogs with short videos that may explain What’s Next or advertising a product.

If you would like to explore business options for commercials, contact us at 678.632.6833 or fill out our contact form and we’ll help you to find the right option.

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